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Monument Stones

Monument Stones and Memorial Stones

McCormack-Whitco is a full service company for monument stones, serving the New England area since 1937. We are the area’s foremost and largest company in monuments, bronze work, stone restoration and design.

We understand that the honoring of a loved one with a lasting work of art is an important decision. All cemetery and funeral art, including gravestones, cemetery markers, plaques and monuments should be left to the hands of a trained professional memorialist. McCormack-Whitco can offer a memorial for all of your funeral and death care needs.

From the intricacies of a customized designed granite headpiece to large projects such as cemetery restorations, we have the skilled staff who can provide for your deceased loved one and your needs.

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Memories do not die, they live in the hearts of those left behind, and we are experts in honoring those memories. A monument, plaque, or marker should be as individual as the person it honors, whether with a simple but elegant headstone or a family grave tribute. Please allow McCormack-Whitco to create a work of art for you.


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